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Drawing of Yoda

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I had watched the Star Wars movies a number of times with my brother growing up. And sometimes he’ll impersonate the voice of Yoda, so I decided to draw Yoda for him. Was playing around with shadows, but didn’t really have a good technique for drawing them yet!

Secret of the Dragon

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In Carla Sonheim’s Drawing Lab book (amazon link) there are many different ideas for approaching drawing. One that I found very useful was that you don’t need to reimagine everything you draw. There are a ton of inspiring things in the world. You can even get inspiration in strange places. Like cracks in the cement. ….  Read More

Butterfly, February 5, 2013

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I drew a little bit more in 2012, but not too often or consistently. My process was basically to slowly sketch out things with small lines. Would use watercolor and pen a little (within the app) in addition the pencil. Here’s a sketch from a few months later of a butterfly.