Quite a few years ago, I drew some as a kid.

Then I stopped drawing for the most part. I remember doing a few drawings in middle school.

Probably stopped drawing because I shifted my focus to music, I was 11 when I started playing saxophone.

Then in 2013 I started drawing again.

I met Sean D’Souza and later took his cartooning course with Allison Beere.

Before that course, I heard an interview with Sean and Carla Sonheim, who wrote Drawing Lab book (amazon link). I’m a big fan of that book since I think it’s very approachable.

In the cartooning course, for about a year, I worked with other people learning to draw online and learned quite a bit from Sean and Allison.

We began with circly circles.


Another idea was to trace, draw, and copy. Like many other skills, it takes quite a bit of practice and feedback to improve quickly.


Let me know if you’re interested in learning about drawing.

Or if you’re more interested in hiring me to draw something for you or your business.