“I drew a cat!”

I drew this cat using the app ‘Paper by 53’ on September 4, 2012.

It was inspired very directly by the instructions in Carla Sonheim’s Drawing Lab book (amazon link)

I first heard about her in an interview with her and Sean D’Souza.


Posted it online, and this is the commentary I got,

Laura Jean Bischoff Is it Garfield?

Neal Battaglia nope, not what I had in mind anyway.

Laura Jean Bischoff You should name it Garfield

Neal Battaglia haha, perhaps, doesn’t have a name yet

Mike Cortina Looks like…ME !

Neal Battaglia haha, maybe I should name it Mike. Or at least do another version with shades and a sax!

Ginger Ellen Neil make a children’s book with this character!!! I love it!!!

Sean D’Souza NIce smile emoticon I see the book is already helping.

Michael Gamboa Great drawing Neal! Keep up the good work!

Naomi Kuttner Which book is this please? Nice cat!

José Manuel Mora Fandos I like it!

Adianez Natalie is he sick?

Neal Battaglia nah, maybe drank some coffee or something

Adianez Natalie ahahah cool!

José Manuel Mora Fandos most likely tea

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