Drawing of a Pineapple Playing Saxophone, for David 2016

Sometimes I draw my friends on their birthdays. I started doing that a little while back. At first, my drawings were not great, but I think they appreciated the effort most of the time.

I had drawn David two times before, but decided to do a different drawing this time.

A pineapple playing saxophone!


Kosuke on the drums, drawing

I know Kosuke through Josh who is in two bands with me. Koskuke was also on a salsa dance team with some people I knew. I drew him on his birthday.


Sun and Planets Comparison

I posted an answer to a question that was related to the sizes of the Sun and the Earth on nealien.com

This diagram comparing the sizes of the planets was relevant to explaining the situation.

Pluto ends up being a single pixel and the Earth is about six pixels wide. And the radius of the Earth is actually about six times larger than the radius of Pluto.


Ilya Koskelainen Saxophone Drawing

There are a few saxophone players on Instagram! Some I know personally, others I don’t but just like some of their photos.

Since I play music, saxophone, I had wanted to be able to draw saxophone players. It took me a little while to figure out.

The way I draw saxophones is often a little abstract, but also coming from someone who plays the instrument so their overall shape is somewhat realistic and I know the keys and where the fingers go.


Felipe Gama, Salsero on the Camera

I have known Felipe for a few years now since we’re both salseros who go to some of the same events.

Including Salsa by the Sea in Santa Cruz where people dance by the beach.

He got some video for Salsón the other night at the SF Salsa Festival.


Drawing of Nataliе Beysenova on Alto Sax


This drawing is based on a photo I found on Instagram.

Here’s the repost, http://www.instagram.com/p/BD3oH8BvaRR/

With the note, Весьма занятный рисунок мне прислали сейчас)))

Approximately, Very amusing picture was sent to me now)))

Gato Barbieri, November 28, 1932 to April 2, 2016

Gato Barbieri was a great sax player from Argentina.

I think I first heard about him from the movie ‘Calle 54’ about Latin Jazz.

Have gotten a few of his CDs and even vinyl records.

Based this drawing off of the cover of ‘Caliente’.


Tony on the bass! Drawing

I have known Tony for a few years, he plays bass in my salsa band Salsón.

It was his birthday today, so I tried drawing him with the bass. Used a couple of photos for reference. Spent a little time on the hair which was different than hair I had drawn before.


Salsa Dancers Couple Drawing

I have been dancing salsa for about 10 years now.

Since I live in California, quite a few people dance here and I tried it one time. At first I didn’t get it immediately.

Then not too long after that, I was studying German in Heidelberg and they had different activities you could do outside of class for the program. One of the people working in the program named Voytek from Poland was teaching salsa. That sounded like fun, so I checked it out.

It turned out he was serious about wanting to teach us and wanted us to perform for all the other students at the end of the four week program. So I learned some foundations that summer and then improved more later on.

This drawing is similar to a photo I saw of dancers in SF.


La Yerba Ruda, Band Drawing

In January of this year, I went to a practice with the reggae band La Yerba Ruda at the dome.

Two of the musicians in the band, I somewhat knew since their brother sang with my salsa band for a little while.

Played a couple of shows with them and then two more in San Diego.

After playing a show at the Fox Theater, I drew Terry first and then the whole band together.

ruda wide