Drummer on The Move Avatar

I drew an avatar for Drummer on the Move (Instagram)

Sometimes a drawing can work well for something like this.

Astronaut Playing Saxophone Drawing


When I was younger, I was fascinated by astronauts. Thought it would be fun to be one. I still think what they do is interesting, but certain aspects are not so glamorous!

I’ll often draw people/things playing saxophone, so here’s an astronaut with a sax.

Saxophone Player in a Whale

I was reading something online about whether a person could survive inside a whale. Someone commented that they breathe out carbon dioxide, which is somewhat true but a misleading statement at best (you breathe out 3x more oxygen than carbon dioxide).

I decided to write my own set of reasons of why you wouldn’t survive inside a whale. Air/pressure/etc.

And I thought it would be good to have an illustration of a person inside a whale. Since I play saxophone and you need air to play saxophone, I drew this.


I had thought about drawing some whales after I saw the whale models at the Monterey Aquarium again the other week when we played music there.

And what is maybe most interesting about the drawing is the light and how it goes through the water.

Italian Funky March

Saw a video of a group marching and playing music in Italy. And dancing. The guy in front was directing and playing bari sax. Thought it was cool and started to learn some of what they are playing in the video. Thought it might be interesting to draw too.


Candy Dulfer on Alto Sax!

Candy Dulfer! Quick sketch. Known for playing with Maceo Parker and Prince among others.

I had started learning one of her songs not too long ago, should get back on that.

What are your favorite songs from Candy Dulfer?


Happy Mothers Day

I drew some flowers yesterday. One for my mom. And I was hired to draw a few more.

Contact me if you’re interested in hiring me to draw something for you!


Drawing of a Pineapple Playing Saxophone, for David 2016

Sometimes I draw my friends on their birthdays. I started doing that a little while back. At first, my drawings were not great, but I think they appreciated the effort most of the time.

I had drawn David two times before, but decided to do a different drawing this time.

A pineapple playing saxophone!


Kosuke on the drums, drawing

I know Kosuke through Josh who is in two bands with me. Koskuke was also on a salsa dance team with some people I knew. I drew him on his birthday.


Sun and Planets Comparison

I posted an answer to a question that was related to the sizes of the Sun and the Earth on nealien.com

This diagram comparing the sizes of the planets was relevant to explaining the situation.

Pluto ends up being a single pixel and the Earth is about six pixels wide. And the radius of the Earth is actually about six times larger than the radius of Pluto.


Ilya Koskelainen Saxophone Drawing

There are a few saxophone players on Instagram! Some I know personally, others I don’t but just like some of their photos.

Since I play music, saxophone, I had wanted to be able to draw saxophone players. It took me a little while to figure out.

The way I draw saxophones is often a little abstract, but also coming from someone who plays the instrument so their overall shape is somewhat realistic and I know the keys and where the fingers go.